Hi everybody,

My name is Fernand Vezina,  I am an arranger and a composer.

I had good carreer in music from classical to jazz music.  All the music that you will hear on this site is original.

This is not a competition with musicians since I am one of them.  I have the highest respect for all musicians however the music here is done digitally from beguining up to the last note.

Of course, it is a lot of troubles to get musicians in recording studios everytimes I come up with an idea.

For that reason I decided to open this internet site and put some of my music on it.  I don't make a profit with it but it gives musicians an opportunity to hear what is possible to acccomplish with only few ideas and some electronic equipment .

Also all that music can be purchased at ScoreExchange.com  (all music sheet parts for Big Band arrangements and more can be obtained at a decent cost).

If you wish, you can contact me by EMail.

Thank's for your interest.

Fernand Vezina (SOCAN) 
Arranger, Composer & Conductor